AB 40 (Column)

4AM TradingAB 40 (Column)

4AM TradingAB 40 (Column)

Bench & Column Drilling Machines

Column Drilling Machine AB 40/SV

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Technical Specifications
AB 40/SV
Drilling Performance in Steel E 335St 60
40 mm
Drilling Performance in Cast-iron EN-GJL-200
46 mm
Drilling Capacity in Steel E335 St 60
50 mm
Tapping Performance
in Steel E 335 St 60
M 30
in Cast-iron EN-GJL-200
M 36
Tool Taper (short spindle)
MT 4
Distance Spindle to Column
300 mm
Table Clamping Area
615 x 430 mm
T-Slots, number x width x distance
2 x 14 x 224 mm
Distance spindle/table min./max.
147/688 mm
Column Diameter
145 mm
Z-Travel of Spindle
160 mm
0,1-0,2-0,3-0,4 mm/Rev
Net weight approx.
450 kg
Drive System
infinitely variable
750-1500 Rpm
750 / 1500 Rpm
1,8 / 2,9 kW
1,8 / 2,9 kW
Spindle Rpm range:
100-1600 or
70-4000 with gear system
AB 40/SV autodigit
1,8 / 2,9 kW
Spindle Rpm range:
100-1600 or
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