Section bending machines PRV

4AM TradingSection bending machines PRV

4AM TradingSection bending machines PRV

Plate Bending Machines

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Section bending machines PRV

HAEUSLER developed this machine type for the Russian air and space industry at the beginning of this millennium. The machine has been further developed ever since and by 2011 is being used by customers around the globe. The machine’s main characteristic is the free positioning of it’s side rollers. That’s especially beneficial when bending complex contours as it helps minimizing unwanted cross-section deformation.

This makes the PRV HAEUSLERS most universally useable profile bending machine.
Use a big side roll distance to bend profiles with high modulus.

Use small side roll distance for smaller profiles where maximum backspring control is needed or minimal flat ends are required.

Available Bending Capacities :

Max. Modulus: 1700 cm3

Detailed values upon request

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