Land Drilling Rigs

Our Land Drilling Rigs are used in exploration of oil and gas wells. The components and structure of drilling rig conform to API Spec 4F, 7K, 8A, and acquires the certificate of authority to use the official API monogram.

Types of Land Drilling Rigs:

Electric Drive Drilling Rig

Combined Drive Drilling Rig

Mechanical Drive Drilling Rig

Electric Drive Drilling Rig:

Two models of Electric Drive Rigs: DC and AC

Can be equipped with a complete diesel generator as the power source

Various type of Masts

Self-lifting or Span-lifting substructure

Auxiliary brake

Combined Drive Drilling Rig:

Operated by diesel engines and integrated chain compound box

Drawworks adopts sealed chain transmission with hydraulic disc breaks, uniformly driven as mud pump

Rotary table is driven by AC frequency converter and equipped with the system

Various types of masts

Substructure adopts box on boxy type or spin-lifting type

Mechanical Drive Drilling Rig:

Operated by diesel engines and belt compound device

Drawworks adopts sealed chain driving with band brake system

Rotary table, drawworks, mud pump are driven uniformly

Various Mast types (A or K)

Mast adopted for mechanical drive drilling rig

Substructure adopts box on box type or spin-lifting type
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